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Roman Judge at the Trial of Jesus Christ. Ordered the execution of Jesus but did so very reluctantly. Didn't believe Jesus conspired against Rome or committed treasonous actions.

A "Pontius Pilate" would be a person forced to do something they don't want to.
Cop #1: I can't believe I had to give a man in a Santa Suit a DUI.
Cop #2: Haha, you are such a Pontius Pilate
by seekeroftruth March 21, 2009
A sadistically unpleasant pilates instructor.
He had been warned by friends that she was difficult and demanding in her sessions, but he was unprepared for this Pontius Pilates instructor who tortured and abused him on the body reformer as if it were a crucifix and he a convicted infidel.
by PBCHLS92 February 21, 2012
Figuratively, the act of vigorously "washing one's hands" of a person or situation.
Don't drag me into this - I'm late for my Pontius Pilates workout.
by O. Walker September 30, 2007
Dublin common slang version of "toilet" in the style of cockney-rhyming slang.
I need to go me pontius pilate!
by Damien216 November 12, 2007

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