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A Mascara Muslim is a muslim woman who dresses in western clothes, wears makeup, and who eschews the traditional practices of Islam.
Although she is from Saudi Arabia and a traditional Sunni family, she herself has become a Mascara Muslim since moving to London. She wears makeup, short skirts, drinks and smokes, and acts thoroughly Western.
by PBCHLS92 February 11, 2010
A sadistically unpleasant pilates instructor.
He had been warned by friends that she was difficult and demanding in her sessions, but he was unprepared for this Pontius Pilates instructor who tortured and abused him on the body reformer as if it were a crucifix and he a convicted infidel.
by PBCHLS92 February 21, 2012
The process by which an established, traditionally Jewish neighborhood changes demographically due to an influx of non-Jewish young urban hipsters.
A classic example of gentilification is the displacement of Hasidic Jewish residents and/or cultural influence from the Williamsburg area of Brooklyn as a wave of young edgy new residents and visitors has taken hold.
by PBCHLS92 February 11, 2010
The unexpected disclosure of a person's Jewishness in, or creating, an extremely awkward or combustible situation.
In his autobiography The Ragman's Son, Kirk Douglas (nee Issur Danielovich) recounts many instances of confronting anti-Semitism he encounters by people unaware the actor himself is Jewish. In a particularly notable example, Douglas explodes a Mazeltov Cocktail in the face of an anti-semitic actress immediately after bedding her, remarking at the climactic moment, "I am a Jew...You are being f...d by a Jew."
by PBCHLS92 February 21, 2012
A man who starves himself for the sole reason of being able to fit into ridiculously tight boys-sized clothing.
While he sought to affect a look of sleek urban chic, his skin tight trousers, too short tie, and massively undersized wool sweater vest succeeded only in flagging himself as just another modern American manorexic.
by PBCHLS92 February 21, 2012

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