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The act of staining one's toilet bowl during violent bouts of diarrhoea, resembling a Jackson Pollock masterpiece.
"Dude, i just pollocked your toilet bowl"

"Did you hear that Cindy is making Jackson Pollock counterfeits?"

"I think this curry is going to give me the inspiration i need to be pollocking all night"
by Alio February 09, 2010
The act of pulling out right before ejaculation and whipping your penis around in a spastic manner all over your partner
Dude, I was pollocking all over that girl last night, she was so surprised.
by Mr.Talks-A-Big-Game August 26, 2011
A cross between a bollocking and a Jackson Pollock inspired painting.

Think you've pulled? Frustrated that she's now got cold feet? Try secretly whacking off behind her and spraying her back with goo. The resulting pattern resembles a Pollock-inspired piece of art, but the look of surprise (and hopefully admiration) as she suddenly looks over her shoulder is even more priceless.
The Dane was mad as a brush, blowing hot and cold from one minute to the next. After 3 hours of wasted efforts, I decided to give her a good pollocking.
by Repressed & remarkably dressed October 20, 2010
To use an object (for sex) as a barrier to the evils of gravity repeatedly, ie: couch. Named after Jackson Pollock because the "pollocked" object resembles his paintings as semen is randomly spattered everywhere on the object/canvas.
A couch, bed, etc. Esp. a hotel bed.
Yo dey be pollocking in tha same spot for weeks G.
by JasonASJ August 01, 2005

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