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a person who eats chicken, but no other meat. they are still vegetarians, but a different type.. morons who said they are not vegetarians.. ur head is up ur ass
you pollo-vegetarians out there are amazing
by u suck April 08, 2005
Someone who occasionally eats chicken or fish, but does NOT eat red meat AT ALL. This is still healthy(since red meat is VERY bad for you). They are a TYPE of vegetarian, but not a full-fledged one. They should NOT be called "Posers", that is utter nonsense, because being vegetarian is a type of eating, and seriously you can't be called a poser when it comes to your diet. You could be called "cheater" if you eat red meat then keep calling yourself Pollo-Vegetarian. Please stop hating on the Pollo-Vegetarians, and be glad they aren't feasting on dead cows at McDonald's.
Teen: Mom, I have decided that I want to become vegetarian.
Teen: *whips out research and studies of vegetarianism* I beg to differ.
Mom: Well at least be Pollo-Vegetarian, so you can still have SOME meat in your diet. When you're 18 you can do whatever you want.
Teen: Kay. Pollo-Vegetarian it is, then.
by Becky<3 July 24, 2008
A vegetarian who only eats poultry, such as turkey, or chicken.
That girl over there is a pollo-vegetarian.
by pesudologia April 03, 2015
Someone who eats chicken but not red meat such as anything from a cow or pig. Since they do eat some form of meat, they are not true vegetarians, and the preferred term is Pollotarianist.
Fred called himself a Pollo-vegetarian, when he should have called himself a Pollotarianist since he eats chicken.
by Justin. B February 10, 2008
A Vegetarian, who is in a sense only half vegeterian. They will eat chicken, and occasionally fish, but no pork or beef. They are not a vegetarian, but more like a person who perfers not to eat red meat. (However, the fact the McDonalds hamburgers are made out of rats, i'm sure they can eat those.)
"Are you going to get the steak?" "No, i'm a vegeterian. I'm going to get the chicken salad." most pollo-vegetarians call themselves a pollo=vegetarian, but if they call themselves a normal vegetarian, and then eat chicken. slap them please.
by shellshock96 September 12, 2006
A stupid bitch who thinks there a vegetarian
Jessie Glasgow Olivia spencer , there such pollo-vegetarians
by Bigballsinit December 03, 2013
Bullshit term for someone does not eat red meat or fish. Yet on ocasion they sneak the ocasional McDonald's Hamburger and bacon stirp. This is a key sign that they are not vegetarian in any way!
When ordering at a restaurant someone says, "I'm a pollo-vegetarian."
by Anonymous October 15, 2003
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