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We aren't sure, we only know that, there is no cure...
The bully gave him a polish bike ride...
by pLaYaMaGiC11 May 01, 2005
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When the seat is removed from a bicycle leaving only the seatpost. So when you ride the bike the seatpost goes up your rectum or vagina.
The bully removed the seat from the geek's bike and forced him to take a polish bike ride.
by Arlin Mayer November 07, 2005
verb: something akin to a texas chili bowl, involving a bike wheel, sausage, and an anus/grundle. One inserts the sausage into another's anus and spins the wheel to give the person's grundle an indian sunburn.
Wow, that bully sure got Billy good with that polish bike ride.
by yeedogg November 10, 2004
A polish bike ride is when a man lays on his back and his partner, a woman or a homo, sits on him like a bike without a seat. Thus the asshole is penetrated and the rider make motion as if they were pedaling.
Sally wanted to go for a polish bike ride so I said bust out the astroglide.
by Shithousepoet November 04, 2014
A Polish Bike ride is when you are sexually inclined with that special someone and then go doggy style and you sit back as to recline in such a relaxed motion that you start kicking her in
the titties and forget what you were even there for.
Riding a polish bikeride in Poland and Forgetting that you are suppose to be on vacation.
by B smith October 25, 2007
The act of shoving your knee cap into someones anus consensually and or against there will
I gave that hooker a polish bike ride and she loved it
by Suckmylido February 06, 2009
The Polish Bike Ride, or PBR as it is called in the slums of Denver, is a term refering to any sexual assault on a plant. No one knows how long they had been doing it, but the first recorded PBR occurred at a Broncos game with one drunken fan and a young fern. The fan quoted after the arrest, "the bi**h asked for it".
Polish Bike Ride is described in the definition and the ascii art below:

- --
----- - ----------------
--------------------- -- - --
- --------
---------------------- --
by Larry Obannan August 18, 2006
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