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2 definitions by pLaYaMaGiC11

We aren't sure, we only know that, there is no cure...
The bully gave him a polish bike ride...
by pLaYaMaGiC11 May 01, 2005
Not a fuck coat, or a fuck shirt, pants, or even shoes, it is infact a fuck hat:

1) you fuck the hat making it a fuck hat.

2) used as a word meaning asshole, dick, basterd, deusch bad, etc.

3) a word usually said when your high and forgotten soon after you sober up.
1) Wheres my fuck hat?
2) Stop being such a fuck hat.
3) hMmm haha oh yeaaaa hahahaa fuck hat HAHAAHAA.
by pLaYaMaGiC11 May 01, 2005