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A Polaski is a term used to call someone who really isn't Polish, Polish. The person being called a Polaski is more than likely being called this because they have a large nose, but are not a Jew.
"Carly, you freakin' Jew poser!"
"Are you callin' me a Polaski?"
"Indeed I am."
by Hanah has no life May 26, 2008
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To diminish someones food supply.
Dude, Vargo totally polaskied my beef jerky while I was vargoing myself with the the hot chick at the bar.
by Whoa_Man November 12, 2009
Used as a substitute for the word "Polish".
Damn girl, your a banging Polaski..
by polaski09 May 24, 2009
Pronounced po-lash-ki.
This is a pretend polish person. Stay away from these
That biiaatch is not english I think she is a f**king polaski. What a slagrash
by chuff January 12, 2005

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