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Grows on men and women??
Nice wig. Whats it made of? YOUR MUMS CHEST HAIR!
by chuff January 12, 2005
this is a whore who sleeps around so much she is covered in a rash known as 'slagrash' however you can also call the whore herself a slagrash
1. Alright slagrash..hows it hanging?
2. Oh my god you dirty scrut you have SOME slagrash going on all over your body!
by chuff January 13, 2005
Creative genius. Completely nothing to do with spensahed.
Whoa man! That was hilarious you huddlebum!
by Chuff December 18, 2003
Technical slang for misuse of IT equipment and resources
That server/PC/network is so busy being spensahed it can't do its real job.
by Chuff December 18, 2003
Pronounced po-lash-ki.
This is a pretend polish person. Stay away from these
That biiaatch is not english I think she is a f**king polaski. What a slagrash
by chuff January 12, 2005
originally used to be used for a vagina however is now being used in everyday language...mainly as unknown answers to questions.
1.'What are you up to today?'
'Oh right I see'
2. What is the capital of poland?'
by chuff March 31, 2005

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