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A occasional poster in the comments of, polansk is a Brazilian fellow well known for his poor yet hilarious English.
"polansk i think? nigga polansk for your command master zung zung daboo what u poock-me again?"
by UtilityMaximizer October 07, 2003
homosapiens maximuns muscles beatifuns intelligentus
by Anonymous June 11, 2003
Someone who doesnt know wtf is going on, and should be banished from this place called earth.

His favorite phrase is: "WE AM SPASE PEEPOLE!"
6:23a <+Polansk|> Sp00n|out u my are frind?
6:23a <+Sp00n|out> no
6:23a <+Polansk|> bah
6:23a <+Polansk|> i hate you
6:23a <+Polansk|> and u love i too :P
6:23a <+Sp00n|out> thnx
6:24a <+Polansk|> ??//??//?
6:24a <+Polansk|> how you go?
6:24a <+Polansk|> need i yes want u cus sex monkey beef..
by EYM March 02, 2003
I think that they are Polish people I er...yeah...

Those who emigrate to other westernized countries such as America and Australia are totally Westernized and love the Simpsons!
by Dreamer July 25, 2003
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