A TV show, video game, and card game. Other Pokèmon things can also be action figure like games.The first video games were Red, Blue, and Yellow. Yellow had a Pikachu following you throughout the game unless you took it out of your party. Later they made Chrystal, Gold, and Silver. Chrystal was made after Gold and Silver and was special because the Pokèmon would move when first seen in battle, you could play as a girl, and Suicune was not running around the reigon of Johto, but stayed in battle allowing you to catch it easier. Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald were made on Game Boy, when the older ones were for Game Boy Color. It also hade more Pokèmon added. After that a remake of Red and Blue was made, called Leaf Green and Fire Red. Pokèmon Green was in Japan and Pokèmon Blue was in the U.S during the first games.Then things were made for the new DS, Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum. Another set of Pokèmon was added to the Pokèdex for these games. You could obtain a Pokèradar after defeating the Elite 4 including the champion so you could get more Pokèmon that you couldn't get before, mainly for the Pokèmon from Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald.A remake of Gold and Silver is coming to the U.S., alreading in Japan for the DS. One of the things in it is allowing you to choose whatever Pokèmon you have to follow you around (Of course you change it, it has to be in your party).
My favorite DS game is Pokèmon Platinum.
by Kitten Lover April 06, 2010
Pokemon is a, consistently, best selling game for Nintendo's gameboy. The most recent versions, black and white, sold over one million copies the first day they were released in America (that's 1 in every 307 people!) The game, inspired by a man who would capture bugs, has been adapted into an anime, card game and manga.

Though the show itself is directed towards a much younger audience, the game is fairly complicated. Sadly, most people don't have the intelligence/patience to fully understand/appreciate the game.

The card game is pretty similar to the video game in that it takes a certain amount of intelligence to fully appreciate, though it is also very different.
My level 100 Scizor is a monster, here is why:
Nature: Jolly (+10%speed/-10%sp.att), ability: Technician (powers up weaker moves by 1.5x)
Stats: (up to 510 EVs for any Pokemon is allowed, I realize mine only add up to 508, but the last two don't matter.)
HP 275 (4 EVs, 25 IVs)
ATT 358 (252 EVs, 30 IVs)
DEF 226 (0 EVs, 21 IVs)
SPATT 108 (0 EVs, 5 IVs)
SPDEF 189 (0 EVs, 24 IVs)
SPD 248 (252 EVs, 28IVs)

If this makes no sense to you, you obviously know nothing about Pokemon. This is only one Pokemon (out of 649) and I haven't even listed its moves and why I chose the moves that I did. As far as humans are concerned, there are unlimited combinations of Pokemon when you take EVs, IVs, Natues, Abilities and Moves into consideration (a trainer may have up to six Pokemon on them at once.)
by Professor Willow August 25, 2011
Although no one knows how to pronounce the name of the franchise- not even the anime- Pokemon is probably the biggest thing ever to have come out of Japan.

Pokemon over-saturated the media in the late 90's-early 2000's, and soon people got sick of it, but it's still very successful. However, it has unfortunately crossed over into nerd territory.

The games themselves are all surprisingly fun. It's an intelligent, strategic game, like chess.

The plush toys and lunchboxes, however, I could do without.
Kids were encouraged to like Pokemon in 1999, but now it's more like Magic- it's okay to play, but you shouldn't tell your friends.
by relates1234567890 April 14, 2010
A fun RPG that was ruined by the anime mainly because video games rock and well animes suck
man since pokemon became an anime it sucked
by Hazard590 December 28, 2007
Premiered in the 90's, Poke'mon has rapidly become one of the most popular/hated T.V. cartoons to hit American public broadcasting.

The story features Ash Katchem as well as several others in their ongoing (And by ongoing, I mean neverending) adventure to explore and catch Poke'mon. Their primary antagonists are Team Rocket, lead by mysterious Geovanni, though, more popularly reconized by Jessie and James with their comical opening.

The first season focused on the adventures through Kanto region, with the original 150(2) Poke'mon. It is a classic. It was followed by several Gameboy games; Poke'mon Red, Blue, and Yellow (Green was produced but was never produced for American consumerism; It remains Japanese only).

The series became SO popular it was followed by several more seasons including Orange Islands, Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh regions. As well as several other games following the Gameboy name genre, and many movies produced. A card game was also released and being expanded to include new Poke'mon from the other regions.

The overabundance of series and movies by its' creators to milk the popularity of the show has earned the series much public backlash. And has also been condemned by several religious groups claiming Poke'mon portrays animal demons.

Never the less, after a decade in the making Poke'mon still remains a well watched cartoon. (The audience being mostly kids).
Holy shit dude, they're making ANOTHER series? When will they let Poke'mon die.

You mean Pokgay'mon?

It might as well be.
by CommandoDude April 23, 2008
that which refers to my favorite sport
ya this year I was third in the state for pokemon. Next year I'm trying for the olympics
by metalhead8231 August 31, 2008
A portmanteau (I believe that's the correct spelling, a combination of two words in one, not dissimilar to a contraction.) of Pocket Monsters. Started by Japanese developer -something- Satoshi from 1990 to its release date six years later. Based off of the small, spherical capsules holding collectable toys. It spawned several side-fanchises like toys, a trading card game, and even an anime

Throughout the five generations, somewhere around 20-22 main-series titles have been released, as well as extras like the Myster Dungeon and Pinball games. This started with Red and Green, and is leading now with Black 2 and White 2.

Unsurprsingly, many people here are butthurt and hold the first two of these Generations, Red (J), Green (J), Red, Blue,Yellow, Gold, Silver, and Crystal as the highest and superior game because they are too ignorant to accept the games that have come around for over a decade. They are known as "Gewunners."
Bob: Bro, I just caught Zekrom in Black 2, you gotta check this shit out!

Joe: Seriously? L0l only gen 1 is good all rest of Pokemon is g4y l0l y0l0 swag.

Bob: Come on, man, why do you gotta be a Genwunner? Just try it out...
by SovietBear December 26, 2012

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