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that which refers to my favorite sport
ya this year I was third in the state for pokemon. Next year I'm trying for the olympics
by metalhead8231 August 31, 2008
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A portmanteau (I believe that's the correct spelling, a combination of two words in one, not dissimilar to a contraction.) of Pocket Monsters. Started by Japanese developer -something- Satoshi from 1990 to its release date six years later. Based off of the small, spherical capsules holding collectable toys. It spawned several side-fanchises like toys, a trading card game, and even an anime

Throughout the five generations, somewhere around 20-22 main-series titles have been released, as well as extras like the Myster Dungeon and Pinball games. This started with Red and Green, and is leading now with Black 2 and White 2.

Unsurprsingly, many people here are butthurt and hold the first two of these Generations, Red (J), Green (J), Red, Blue,Yellow, Gold, Silver, and Crystal as the highest and superior game because they are too ignorant to accept the games that have come around for over a decade. They are known as "Gewunners."
Bob: Bro, I just caught Zekrom in Black 2, you gotta check this shit out!

Joe: Seriously? L0l only gen 1 is good all rest of Pokemon is g4y l0l y0l0 swag.

Bob: Come on, man, why do you gotta be a Genwunner? Just try it out...
by SovietBear December 26, 2012
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1. A series of video games created by Satoshi Tajiri for the Nintendo Game Boy. Pokémon literally invented the turn-based R.P.G. genre, so if you play Final Fantasy or any other turn-based game, you might have Pokémon to thank for that.

Many consider it to be quite childish. Sure, the games and such are directed to a young demographic, but many teenagers and adults play it as well. There's even an entire Cheezburger website dedicated to Pokemon-themed image memes and videos!

2. The creatures in the Pokémon games themselves. Notable examples include Pikachu, Jigglypuff, and Squirtle.

The word is often misspelled "Pokemon", without the accent on the E. It's often spelt like this because most North American keyboards do not have an "é" key, just an "e".
1. Person A: I like Pokémon.

Person B: Lol, fag. Final Fantasy is better.

Person A: (stunned look)

2. Pokémon are fictional animals created for the Pokémon video game series. As of January 2012, there are 649 (!) Pokémon, from Bulbasaur to Genesect.
by ForgingIron January 27, 2012
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Oh... OH LOOK! It's POKEMON! You know your life revolved around this shit when you were 10. You got that motherfucking GameBoy for Christmas and a ton of Pokemon cards. Everyone always made fun of you because you never had a holographic Charizard.
But no dumbass ever did.
You're 20 and still into Pokemon. And I'm not talking about that crap they show on TV. I'm talking the real deal: The actual shit. Blue and Red, but you always wanted Red to compensate for that holographic Charizard you never had.
So you look back and smile, and remember that you lived in that time.
You kicked ass with your Pokemanz. You still do, and you're not afraid to admit it because you're still into that kind of shit you were eight years ago.
I don't need to give a damn example. You know perfectly well what this shit is. It's Pokemon.
by DeathByAshen July 04, 2012
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The greatest video game/card game/tv show of all time
Pokemon Dialogue:

You wanna go to the gym!?

Nah bro I've already got all the badges
by definitionsbytom March 04, 2013
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One of the best games ever released by Nintendo, only rivalled by Mario and LoZ. It is also an anime, card game and manga. This recieves lots of hate from Digimon fan(girl)s as a rip-off (even though Pokemon came out about 5 years before Digimon). The latest generations have recieved hate as well, but it has, is and always is a ABSOL-utely great game!
Person 1: You play Pokemon?
Person 2: Of course I do!
by ILeikMudkipz February 25, 2013
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Also goes by the name Tyler and will make you smile so much that your cheeks will fall off. A Pokemon's smile will light up a thousand rooms, and on occasion blind those who stare into said smile. A Pokemon will make you laugh until your ribs hurt, and you will most likely continue laughing for a few hours. The only downside is that said Pokemon can not be summoned from a Poke Ball, because it does what it pleases. Treat a Pokemon with love, and a Pokemon will love you right back. (:
That Pokemon is an absolutely amazing creature!
by Derpaherpherp. November 06, 2011
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