the greatest nintendo game ever made, yet it was butchered to death in near futre in that which we live in now as nintendo got over their little inflated heads as not ending when they should and aiming pokemon to little snot nose 2 years old who have no idea what they're doing and neglecting and isolating the older players who appreciate a good game when one is presented.
teens make fun of those still into pokemon as it is for "little kids" but yes the anime sucks dicks, but pokemon red and gold still pwn. Also americans totally screwed up pokemon as with all good anime that appear on regular tv channels
by lightxknowsxall February 18, 2009
A game that everyone over the age of 8 thinks is gay, yet they still play the game up through college and beyond. It's the cocaine of little kid games.
Kid 1: Pokemon is for pussies.
Kid 2: Are you gonna get Diamond and Pearl?
Kid 1: They're coming out with more? HELL YEAH.
by Pokerman June 23, 2007
Creatures abreviated for Pocket Monsters. These Pocket Monsters replace animals. These things have either normal, dark, flying, psychic, steel, bug, pioson, rock, ground, grass, water, fire, fighting, ice, ghost, ???, electric, or even two of any of these types, which is oftenly called a dual type. Pokemon go with trainers, cordinators, or regualar people as comrades, teamates, pets, or even could do jobs for their masters!
1. Pokemon is not violent, is it?

2. To Pokemon, or not to Pokemon, that is the question.

3. Pokemon shall not be uncool, as long as I say so.
by Who again? October 09, 2006
an insane phenomenon of the '90s, trading cards,games, and TV show about hunting for cute little creatures to put them in this tiny ball. occasionally, they take them out of their ball, and make them fight against other creatures. if the pocketmonster wins the fight the owner is closer to becoming a pokemaster.
i want to be the very bestttt, that no one ever was! to catch them is my real test, to train them is my cause....POKEMON! gotta catch em all.....its so truee, you teach me and i teach you, POK-E-MONNNNNNNN! gotta catch em all, gotta catch em ALLL! pokemon!
by gina___________ September 08, 2005
A fun game made by Nintendo. Originally created in Japan, the game was the inspiration for the TV show (or anime) not the other way around. The game came first. At the beginning there were 151 pokemon, but Nintendo got greedy, and instead of letting the games die gracefully, they had to keep it going. The result is now over 380 Pokemon that (al after 250, anyway) look like circles and blobs with arms and legs. The television show has not fared as well either. The once exciting plot is now stale, dry, and boring. Oh well. Guess its just another thing that jumped the shark.

Also, teh games are just remakes of the original plot of red and blue...does nobody agree with me here???
I havent watched an episode of Pokemon since I was about 11 years old. I tuned in for the first time in years, and was surprised at how much the show had turned to crap.
The anime: The culprit of giving Pokemon a poor reputation among the former fans of the game (the older ones, at least.) As the anime continued it got worse and worse.

The cards: I was never really into the Pokemon cards, but based on what little I knew they were quite fun at the time. I'm not sure about today, though.

The game: Many people who are either misinformed or simply un-intelligent bash the game series. However, if one actually looks at it from a purely gaming standpoint, it actually requires a lot of intelligence and thinking on your feet. The games are quite fun and entertaining, (lets face it, nearly anyone could play it for 4 hours straight no problem), and require a substantial amount of strategy and planning.
Person 1: "Pokemon sucks!"

Person 2: "I agree, for the most part"
by sodank August 14, 2010
The greatest TV show and Video Game EVER!!!
Person 1: Dude, my Typhlosion just learned Flamethrower.
Person 2: Thats Awesome, Typhlosion is the best pokemon.
by Idk What to call myself April 24, 2010

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