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1. short for Pogonip Park, located adjacent to the UC Santa Cruz eastern campus.
2. a rare weather condition consisting of frozen fog composed of ice needles instead of water droplets. adapted from Shoshone 'payinappih'.
3. a day hike through Pogonip Park, often gaining inspiration from the simplicity of nature, often while smoking marijuana.

1. "Have you seen all the waterfalls in the pogonip?"
"lets hit up pogonip later"
2. Last night, the pogonip was so cold it froze all the trees!
3. "that pogonip trip was so fun!"
by scglgeo January 09, 2008
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a spicy deep used in many dishes from guatalahara
today, i had very spicy pogonip dip
by mr.nonchalant007 December 06, 2010
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Small, pogo-sticks (Springs will do) attatched to the nipples. Used to do lazy push-ups.
My trainer said to do 100 push-ups, but instead I did 100 lazy push-ups with my pogonips.
by pens0087 July 21, 2009
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Deathly frozened darkened fog in the deep forgotten valleys in the mountains of Western U.S.
Exactly what I was thinking, Pogonip. Now, shut up.
by Jesus and his lard December 31, 2010
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