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The act of talking on a cell phone while driving, walking, etc. which subsequently pulls his/her attention away from what they really should be focused on (i.e. the road) thus causing a horrible annoyance to those nearby.
I was driving down 23 last night at the person was driving super slow and swerving a bit. When I passed then I noticed they had their phone to their ear pogging away!
by bTdill September 25, 2009
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The opposite of Pegging ; a female performing anal sex with another female with the use of a strap on or feeldoe. AKA ass fucking.
"Fatal poggs Lovit on a daily basis."
"Lovit likes to be pogged by Fatal."

"Lovit once told Fatal she was into pogging, and they have been doing it ever since."
by Fatal_Panky January 17, 2010
a cross between pegging and dogging
-hey, do you want to go pogging?
-sure, we can pog all night long. i hope there is a good turnout
-oh there will be, ive called grandma, and she's got all her book club coming.
by Melvin March 15, 2005

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