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Same as post or posting as a message or a commentary posted on an internet forum. Poast instead of post follows the same pattern of transcribing "ou" diphthong as "oa" as in moar instead of more.
First Poast! (First commentary to the original post)
by gayskunk December 11, 2007
In the realm of interwebs, there are posts and there are poasts. A post can only become a poast once it has reached the relative hotness of toast. In other words, if it is popular.
Yeah! That's a really great poast!
by Akaleus July 28, 2011
A post someone makes on social media to deliberately boast about something which has happened to them.
"Oh look, Emma's poasting about her holiday again"
"Don't worry, he's just being a poaster."
by Autumnzz May 28, 2014
Boastful post that make the poster feel better about themselves, but for whom other can't care less.
"Aren't you sick of Rick's poasts? That guy must have really low self-esteem"
by snoopdoggiedoo April 26, 2010

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