(verb) 01. Po' is the elegant term for poor.
02. What poor people say when they are poor.
03. Short term for poo. When you have go to badly.
Race Race : My family is very Po'.
Paco Taco: No shit. You have dinero.
Race Race: no we are some po' folk in diego.
Pace Taco: huh? oh i thought that you said Mo'
by Brennie January 14, 2006
1. From the song "laffy taffy" by D4L, meaning the desire to have a sleepover with someone and pour applejuice all over their body and then lick it off while they sleep.
2. Tess's cat
1. "Girl, I wanna po' on you"
2. Po is a pussy with a pussy
by ni69a December 07, 2005
someone who is in such poverty that said person cannot afford the o or the r to complete the word.

Can be used as an insult.
As an insult: you're so po that you have to eat cerial with a fork to save money on milk.
you are so po that you live in a cardboard box
by none of yo dam business February 24, 2005
PO = Peace Out in short term.
Person #1: See ya later!
Person #2: Deuces!
Person #3: PO!
by xAkuma October 24, 2010
Word used to describe the VAG area.
You know you want my Po. That boy just touched my Po.
by Sindy Monahan May 29, 2008
Meaning "Peace Out". Commonly used at the end of a conversation with someone; used instead of saying "Goodbye"
"Anyway I've Gotta Go Now.PO"
by Jake Mortimer May 16, 2007
Further slangification of "p.o", an abbreviation of "Post Office".
"I'm going to check the po to see if I've got any college mail."
by ThatsMyKit June 07, 2005
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