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5-0, or POlice.
Check your six, po.
by RED December 04, 2002
1 9
(verb) 01. Po' is the elegant term for poor.
02. What poor people say when they are poor.
03. Short term for poo. When you have go to badly.
Race Race : My family is very Po'.
Paco Taco: No shit. You have dinero.
Race Race: no we are some po' folk in diego.
Pace Taco: huh? oh i thought that you said Mo'
by Brennie January 14, 2006
4 4
1. From the song "laffy taffy" by D4L, meaning the desire to have a sleepover with someone and pour applejuice all over their body and then lick it off while they sleep.
2. Tess's cat
1. "Girl, I wanna po' on you"
2. Po is a pussy with a pussy
by ni69a December 07, 2005
8 8
someone who is in such poverty that said person cannot afford the o or the r to complete the word.

Can be used as an insult.
As an insult: you're so po that you have to eat cerial with a fork to save money on milk.
you are so po that you live in a cardboard box
by none of yo dam business February 24, 2005
3 3
PO = Peace Out in short term.
Person #1: See ya later!
Person #2: Deuces!
Person #3: PO!
by xAkuma October 24, 2010
0 1
Meaning "Peace Out". Commonly used at the end of a conversation with someone; used instead of saying "Goodbye"
"Anyway I've Gotta Go Now.PO"
by Jake Mortimer May 16, 2007
2 3
Further slangification of "p.o", an abbreviation of "Post Office".
"I'm going to check the po to see if I've got any college mail."
by ThatsMyKit June 07, 2005
0 1
poor or homeless. Usually used for abum
Man that guy on the street looked po homie G
by Chuubacca March 09, 2005
1 2