5-0, or POlice.
Check your six, po.
by RED December 04, 2002
A word with no meaning used purely to troll.
Andrew you're lookin pretty po today.

Dude I can't believe she did that, that was so po.

Nah that's a bit to po for me.
by Sodamnpo July 01, 2013
A slang word referring to faeces or taking a dump. More commonly used by the youth, it is a way of speaking about your waste without it sounding too unattractive.
Before we go to the beach, I quickly need to make a po.
by MickeyD=) April 01, 2012
Another form of being "lame" or "Bush League"
Are you going out tonight?
You are PO!

Someone broke into Jay's room last night and stole his t.v.
Man, that is some PO shit!
by big pimppin' June 28, 2011
Extremely gangster, more so than the word gangster itself implies.
I can't believe you roll with those PO's!
by gangsterkid March 23, 2011
Short for Pulse Oximeter.

A PO is a device used to monitor the oxygen in a patient's blood. It shines light through a patient's finger, toe, nose, earlobe, or the patient's forhead, and another sensor on the other side of the light wave measures how the light is being absorbed.
1. He's on a PO machine, and they are going to have to put hom on the ventilator, because his oxygen is 85 so he is having another set of desat episodes.
by 1992peter March 27, 2010
Po is another word for weed
Po smoke got me parrow & twist
by Derte Den September 22, 2007
Red Teletubbie .The only teletubbie that isn't female or gender confused. unlike tinky-winky, (the other male tubbie), it does not own a purse. he instead owns a scooter, capable of speeds of a whooping 6 miles an hour.
Dude, Po is being such a pompus ass running around with that expensive scooter, and we're stuck with these shit toys.
by ashitoys March 28, 2007
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