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Pron. Plurt 1 syllable, Def: Raves have brought around the acronym PLUR which means peace, love, unity, and respect as a saying to live by. The word Plurt only adds trust as the last word of the acronym for without trust in the people around you and vice versa it means nothing but a candy bracelet someone made.
Man this rave is really lacking PLURT people just keep running into me and look over there the security is taking out that dealer cause someone narced on him looks like trust is something you can't count on here everyone says PLUR like it means something but without trust this guy would be fucking my girl right now.
by chroncat101 August 04, 2010
The sound of which a penguin is said to make.
"Plurt!" said the penguin.
by Matt December 11, 2004
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