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7 definitions by chroncat101

Noun: Mau5-tard 2 syllables - Def: One of the people in following of the hugely popularized electronic music personality Deadmau5. Similar to the Deadheads of the of the group The Grateful Dead, as they will follow Deadmau5 to the ends of the earth and are known for their incessant rambling conversations which always revolve around Deadmau5 videos, shows, merchandise, or lingering rumors about him that have been scattered amongst the community.
Dieselboy, Prodigy, Charles Feelgood, damn even Tiesto's playing at this rave, but almost everyone I talk to said they came to see Deadmau5. It's pretty obvious though they're all wearing crappy homemade versions of that stupid Mickey Mouse hat he wears, T-shirts, I even saw a Deadmau5 water bottle I mean these kids are hypnotized by him. Damn Mau5tards!
by chroncat101 August 05, 2010
Pron. Plurt 1 syllable, Def: Raves have brought around the acronym PLUR which means peace, love, unity, and respect as a saying to live by. The word Plurt only adds trust as the last word of the acronym for without trust in the people around you and vice versa it means nothing but a candy bracelet someone made.
Man this rave is really lacking PLURT people just keep running into me and look over there the security is taking out that dealer cause someone narced on him looks like trust is something you can't count on here everyone says PLUR like it means something but without trust this guy would be fucking my girl right now.
by chroncat101 August 04, 2010
Noun and or adjective/adverb- Cron or Chron anything that is hip, cool, kind, or interesting and can be used in a variety of circumstances and has transcended from its original meaning to be a noun verb or used to describe or define almost anything good.
"Thats a cron game man."
"Wow now thats some cron right there." referring to anything good could be weed, food, carpeting, a ring, a jacket etc.
"I love you your so crontastic" used to start a adjective to increase it's meaning to higher level.
"I never knew about that, that's pretty cron" used in place of another describing word for good, kind, hip etc.
"Id really like to know what's cron right about now I'm bored shitless" and used as a noun to mean whats "the deal".
by chroncat101 August 08, 2010
The act of smoking crack, crack, cooking crack or a crack addicted individual.
Whew, thats a real kabloogie, my ears wont stop ringin.

Look at those damn kabloogiers over there.

Stop lookin out the blinds you damn kabloogiers.
by chroncat101 August 23, 2010
1. A field of marijuana or hemp.

2. A term used to describe many towns named Springfield, especially Springfield, VA for its high influx of quality marijuana from thousands of sources across the country thus leading to one of Northern Virginia's hot spots for buying and or smoking pot.
I was down in Spliffield the other day and got baked off my ass.

Im from Spliffield baby.
by chroncat101 August 21, 2010
Pron. Un-Board 2 syllables Def: the times when humans and or animals find that the act of doing nothing or little to nothing which in other circumstances may seem boring is actually satisfying their needs for mental and or physical stimulation.
I was chatting online all day, just sitting on my ass and was UNBORED the whole time. The day just flew by and even though I didn't accomplish a damn thing.
by chroncat101 August 04, 2010
Pron. Plor, 1 syllable- Used as a verb, Def: The act whilst raving coming to a mental or physical climax through any of the five senses, but most commonly touch or hearing.
Oh my god i think that girls massage just made me plur my pants. The music here is so good I keep plurring my ears off.
by chroncat101 August 04, 2010