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a creepy teacher-like pedohile
"who wants to slip-n-slide?" said the plummer.
by student11121 September 28, 2006
A word commonly used to describe douche bags/homos/pedos. A plummer, as opposed to plumber, means that instead of cleaning the pipes and crevices of houses, cleans the pipes and crevices of fat hairy boys or young underaged girls.
Kid one: That kid fucked my sister and my dad!
Kid two: WOW what a plummer!
by The Anti-Douche February 17, 2010
A walrus, a ag teacher that sometimes is a pain but very awesome! Best ag teacher you could find but he still looks like a walrus! He has a mustash. Your AwEsOmE PLUMMER!
Plummer the AG teacher!
by Raegan! August 28, 2008