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The word pluff is used to replace a word you can't think of, or in 'poetry,' when the word you want to use doesn't fit with the rhythm scheme. It basically means anything you want it to mean, but can be incredibly confusing if the context is not made clear. Pluff was first brought into existence by Clur
"We wrote this in the coffin to pluff the painting with the stare"

"The CBG and Maureen get pluff cross with we"

"He was well pluffed"

"No one pluffs Paul's guitar!"
by Schpoon May 18, 2008
verb \pləf\

To use seemingly devious methods to force a win in a player’s favor at the end of a game, even if there is no win in sight. Usually, to the frustration and humiliation of the other players, creating a vapid emotional vibe around the entire experience.
Commonly used in the phrase “pluff a win.”

Origins believed to be a variant of the Modern English, “pull off a win,” with gamers frustrated at opponents tactics to win by any means necessary.
Ex. “uh o. Looks like Bob is going to try to pluff a win.”

“Dang it! A win was in my grasp. Looks like Gavin pluffed off a win again.”
by devok June 07, 2011
French meaning for the sound the water makes when a pebble hits it.
The ripples of the water expanded quickly as the pebble hit the water with the sound of "pluff."
by whitehare June 22, 2013
When drinking heavily, chrismas bows can be called "Pluffs" and you cannot be chirped about it.

and any girls around must be wearing garbage bags.
boy: "ayo girl i like dat pluff up in yo hair"

girl: "aww thanks, u want gummz?"
by grapejuice1234546 January 28, 2010
Another name for the vagina.
"Hey Tim, we are going Pluff hunting at the club tonight. You in?"
by Team Tripod July 08, 2009
Rolls of fat on the hips; this term could be used affectionately or derisively.
My girl's pleasingly plump: she's got a little pluff.
by pentozali November 08, 2005
The sound it makes when the male anatomy is inserted into a particularly hairy female anatomy.
She was so hairy down there, I heard a pluff when I stuck it in.
by Spudds Buckley August 02, 2006
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