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The word pluff is used to replace a word you can't think of, or in 'poetry,' when the word you want to use doesn't fit with the rhythm scheme. It basically means anything you want it to mean, but can be incredibly confusing if the context is not made clear. Pluff was first brought into existence by Clur
"We wrote this in the coffin to pluff the painting with the stare"

"The CBG and Maureen get pluff cross with we"

"He was well pluffed"

"No one pluffs Paul's guitar!"
by Schpoon May 18, 2008
CBG stands for Creepy Bald Guy. He is polish and actually called Simon, and works as a cook, although he sometimes cleans courtyards with a power hose. It is widely believed that he is the sex-slave of Maureen and that they work together in ta'er farming. It is possible to have hysterics when you imagine him doing any job, no matter how ordinary they might seem on other people. He is also believed to be the female singer on "He said He Loved Me" by Reverand and the Makers. He can possess people, and plays accordion for Maureen's barndancing.
Person 1: "LOL imagine the CBG being a bank manager!!"
Person 2: "OMFG that's hilarious!" *has hysterics*

Person 1: "Noo we don't want to play frisbee"
Person 2: "Yeah, we wanna write"
Person 1: "But frisbee's more fun though..."
Person 2: "Wtf?! You said you hated frisbee!!"
Person 1: "...I do..."
Everyone: "OMG the CBG possessed you!"
by Schpoon May 18, 2008

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