English. To dress down or remove loose stone from the roof or sides.
They ploated the roof of the tunnel, so that no loose rock would fall on them.
by streonwold April 06, 2005
Top Definition
to pluck the feathers from a bird, but also used in slang to describe a similar action unconnected to birds or feathers
English, esp. Geordie slang
He ploated the hen before searing her.
She plaoted his bank account before leaving him.
by streonwold April 06, 2005
To be tired AND sick.

When one is tired and sick it's really a hassle to write out: "I'm feeling tired and sick." So instead? Use Ploat!
Sick Jeff: "Man, I'm feeling sick."

Ploat Tracy: "Well I'm feeling ploat! F*** off."
by Casiel W. March 30, 2011
Something you wouldn't like to find left behind in the bathroom. It could also be put into a verb or a discription of someone/something. It comes from the word "boat"
"Ew, someone just ploated in the bathroom!" or "she's being a ploat today." or "my spelling ploats!"
by Kristan June 22, 2004
Scots word meaing hit or thump, as in "I'll ploat you, you big Jessy"
"I'll gi' you a ploat!!
by BigDaddyG June 18, 2008
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