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3 definitions by Kristan

A small one horse town in West Virginia where the horse done died.
"Hey, lets get out of this shithole called glenville!"
by kristan April 05, 2005
Something you wouldn't like to find left behind in the bathroom. It could also be put into a verb or a discription of someone/something. It comes from the word "boat"
"Ew, someone just ploated in the bathroom!" or "she's being a ploat today." or "my spelling ploats!"
by Kristan June 22, 2004
okay, i live on Long Island, on the LI/Queens Border in Floral Park. We are not "gansta" at all. Long Island is a very rich area filled with JAPs and prissy white girls. To us, "upstate" is anything that isnt one of the Five Bouroughs.
Floral Park Queens is not part of Long Island, but the Town of Floral Park is.
by Kristan March 22, 2005