when a girl blows an air bubble out of her vagina
u bitch dont plip at the dinner table!
by spanky junior June 14, 2009
Top Definition
A minuscule shit. The tiniest of poops often released either accidentally, or with great force meant for a much larger shit.

This word originates with the onomatopoeia of the smallest of turds hitting the water.
"I was just going to take a piss, but I plipped accidentally as well. Fuck, now Ima have to wipe. That's what I get for sitting down to piss."
by old ironsides January 11, 2012
combination of "pussy" and "lips"
That freak needs some cosmetic surgery because his grill is wak, looks like he's got some plips on his face.
by The Poops August 15, 2003
little mounts for hanging posters on windows
Using PLIPS to stick their signs and notices in windows, shopkeepers can avoid adhesives residues and mess from mastics.
by John Mac October 20, 2003
Plips aka Pussy Lips is a term used to define a specific area of the female sex organ the vagina

plips also known as pliptings and plippos, are what makes a womans vagina that much more special...

plips which are tasty yet succulant occour in pairs and vary in shapes and sizes

buckets for example carry the widest form of pliptings xxx
e.g. I fucked this girl so hard last night that i have her plips as a momento...
by J-Williams May 31, 2008
Pussy lips made into one, disgusting sounding word. Say it out loud and find out why.
"Wow. That girl's hot! And you should see her plips!"
by Matt Antonello January 27, 2009
(n) the sound made by the first piece of a two piece poo as it hits the toilet water, immediately followed by the sound 'plop' as the 2nd piece hits the water. Often results in a bit of toilet water shooting up your bum-hole because it hasn't had enough time to close up after the 2nd piece of poo fell out. Can have its benefits as it can have the same effect as using a bidet ...... of course this actually depends on where the event actually happens during the process of your poo !
No example necessary - the description of plip speaks for itself !
by MikulAbbott April 05, 2009
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