Top Definition
Penile flatulence.
You just pleeped.
by in the shower April 20, 2009
verb (pleeping)-
1. to violently cum sporadically
2. plank while sleeping
noun (pleeper)-

1. one who pleeps
-(verb 2) I had a rough time sleeping last night....I wanted to try pleeping.
-(noun) there's some pleepers in the hall way
by jesussss666 May 14, 2015
people who have overly-perfect manners, are goody two-shoes, and always say please, thank you, and you're welcome. they also insist on giving unwanted tips to other people on how to live the perfect life. brown nosers and teacher's pets are included.
"the pleep made us all put our napkins on our laps when we went to pizza hut for dinner."
by oreo973 October 20, 2007

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