To be lead along to the point where u stay up at night talkin bout a chick with ur roommate and even BREAK UP with ur gf.
Salim got PLAYED!!!!!
by The Roomie January 30, 2008
Had sex
How was your night?

Great, I played with that slut!
by hdhdurinfbxhs November 28, 2013
one who thinks that all is right and get stuck in the end with nothing
all yall bithes waiting for a nigga to take care of you are all played go and get your own shit for once it will be much greatly appriciated in the end. don't get palyed
by nunya October 09, 2003
When your friend tries to talk to the same girl you do and he manipulates her out of hooking up wit u
I was tryin to holla at her but he did too. Man he played me
by banginbobthronton0212 January 14, 2009
to indicate that someone has done something vaguely silly. stems from the phrase 'well played' and is used in a sarcastic manner.

'ow i just stubbed my toe'
'HAH played'
by dictionary man and his dog August 21, 2006
When the bowls empty, smoked to the finish, empty
Hey dude, give me a hit,,, Sorry man, it's played already!
by Anonymous October 18, 2003
To have sex, to be sexually manipulated by another, jacked-off, spanked, finger fucked, etc. To be played. see also buttpuppet
The girls had all played Maggie individually, but never as a group. It was her fantasy come true. It was the rape she had dreamed of.
by Jim Inman August 25, 2006

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