A very intellectual magazine known for its interesting and fascinating articles.
Person A: Have you read playboy? They have such an interesting article on the theory of relativity!

Person B: Yes, but all of those obscene pictures make the magazine very difficult to read!
by MrSaturn33 October 04, 2009
A magazine for men. Playboy has excellent nude pictorials and centerfolds.
When I moved in with my girlfriend, she made me get rid of all my Playboy magazines.
by Qbert August 23, 2003
A good greeting to someone who is pimpish or gets mad hoes.
What up Play boy!! hows those ladies treatin u.
by Jimmy cornrolls January 08, 2006
1. a man, wanting to live life to the fullest, tends to crave adventure and is always looking forward to accomplishing something new.

2. A man of comfortable means, exudes confidence, and naturally attracts others to him, especially beautiful women.

3. A magazine targeted towards the male population. It focuses on nudity and male related issues.
Sir Richard Branson, billionnaire, thrill seeker and yes, a playboy.
by Militarybadboy September 14, 2011
A rightous man with sooo much game, girls don't even try to hide that they like him, becuase he is obviously a pimp. There is also a magazine with naked hoes in it, that is good, called *Playboy*
"yo playboy, what's up, can i give you a slurpy"
"yo, we gots to get that new playboy with the wal-mart girls in it"
by PLAYBOY November 18, 2003
A person who is extremely talented. Usually black and can rap.
Fan: Yo what up play boy?
Play boy: Just layin' down a beat!
by bigz41 November 23, 2010
1. a magazine
2. every man's dream
Dude 1: I just won $100000
Dude 2: *yawnn*
Dude 1: I just bought a playboy mag!
Dude 2: O.O
by UrbanDictionary123456789098765 February 12, 2012

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