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Another word for a fuckboy; one who usually goes around and talks mad shit, then gets his ass whooped
Playboy got his ass dropped
by ITS FERN YO November 12, 2009
A popular mens magazine also known as the "poor man's internet"
That dude's so po', he gotta git his porn from da playboy.
by the_writer_side June 22, 2004
Someone you are cloe wit', basically a homeboy.
Can also be used when referring to a boy who you know by face but not by name.
Playboy ate six slices of pizza and had the nerve to drink a diet pepsi.
by Myrtede & Tricia May 19, 2003
it's a type of vaginal waxing where you don't shave all of the hair but you leave a small strip of hair like playboy centerfolds
jen:I got my vagina waxed today
emma: playboy or brazilian ?
by mandy84 November 27, 2006
A kick-ass little car made in the 1940s, but its makers ended going bankrupt. The source of the name for the classic left handed website (it's a long story)
I want a Playboy car but they only made 97 1/2 of them!!
by Utz89 December 21, 2004
The term a 'team killer' uses when he is team killing someone to annoy them and be funny at the same time... (especially in the game Shadowrun- XBOX 360)
"Whatcha gonna do with that shotgun Playboy?!?!"
by anybodykilla2k7 October 20, 2008
A company that focuses on producing products or ways for men to see nude women.
The playboy magazine is becoming less popular due to the growing amount of people who have access to the Internet and can get all they got in the Playboy magazine and more, for free.
Playboy.com has porn on it, it costs money
Playboy has some hot women in their magazines and on there website
by John Doe January 21, 2004