When a radio station plays the same few songs over and over every hour. Usually ruining the song for their audience

~hour later~


listener: man, they are totally playraping this song.
listener's friend: yeah, total playrape.
by iamalion July 21, 2009
Top Definition
Play Rape is a form of 'bedroom fun' that follows certain codes and conventions similar to the act of rape or surprise sex
Rules or guidelines:
1. The rapist is allowed to use any instrument they see fit in any orifice to their own will.

2. The rapee should be held or tied down depending on location.

3. The act must be to extent sexual violence and the rapist earns right to penetrate any orifice.

4. If the rapist feels need he can gag the rapee.

5. And finally do not ask questions through the act i.e. 'Can I ram this bottle up your cunt'

- The act of rape is mainly about sex. Violence is allowed if and only if both parties agree before hand.

- Come up with a safe word incase the act becomes to intense.

- Agree terms of play rape before the rape. Any orifice the rapee does not wish to be penetrated and instruments not to be used should be arranged beforehand.

- This is supposed to be fun so ensure both rapist and rapee are comfortable with whats happening.

- Always play safe. Use a condom!
by ContradictionPersonified August 25, 2009

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