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Making obviously false claim to various acts, accomplishments, or states of being in an effort to look cool on the internet.
Did you see that plathing post on Facebook? Man, that hit like 12 times on tineye.
by Lord_ITF November 15, 2012
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verb. (to plath)
The practice of being inwardly negative to the point where normal interaction becomes difficult. This particularly relates to feelings of insecurity and/or alienation. Inspired by the late poet/author Sylvia Plath.
second definition:
reading writings by Sylvia Plath.
Sorry guys; I don't feel like going. I'm totally plathing right now.
by the real RoMak July 10, 2008
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A new trend similar to planking in which one goes around and sticks his or her head in random ovens while a friend takes a photograph of the event. This is usually done in honor of the late poet Sylvia Plath who famously committed suicide by sticking her head in an oven. Hipsters do this to be ironic.
"Pssh planking was so last summer. Plathing is way more ironic and now!"- Some stupid hipster
by hipsterexterminator December 27, 2011
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