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Plaster is just another word for Band-Aid. They are used to protect a small cuts and wounds from infection.
Pass me a plaster I cut my finger.
by Logansmorf April 19, 2004
When one pulls out his penis to ejaculate all over the girls face. also see sperm spackle.
"By the time i got done pounding that chick, I left plaster all over her.
by ttboy September 09, 2004
Noun. Arse (mainly UK and Australia, slang, vulgar). A rare example of triple rhyming slang: Plaster = Plaster of Paris = Aris; Aris = Aristotle = bottle; bottle = bottle and glass = arse.
"Nice plaster!!"
by Lexeme the Wordsmith August 05, 2008
sticky strip which hurts wen pulled off da skin.
ouch dont pull the plaster off.
by amy rulz duh. August 26, 2003

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