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1. God's gift to man.Brings peace when used wisely.

2. Any drug derived from plants.

3. Magical stuff that takes u to a state of euphoria (supreme bliss).
Chev Chelios: (Gets in the cab looking like a crackhead).

Crazy taxi driver: You are not gonna die in my cab crackhead ! I have something for you.You take this Haitian shit crackhead.This shit right here is some hardcore shit.It is made from plant shit !

Chev Chelios: (takes the drug and gets fucking high).

--Dialogue taken from the movie 'Crank' in 2006

~ Time is never wasted when youre wasted on plant shit all the time XD

~Life is a quest we must never quit but in turn enhance with the magic of plant shit.
by Cupcke27 September 30, 2011
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the drug used on crank
last night jimmy got fucked up on plant shit.
by Zach Daniels August 17, 2008

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