When you look at someone in a sneaky way, after planning to for some time. Often preceeded by a courage building up moment and excecuted by sort of looking around the room like your bored then stealing a quick peak and looking away just as fast.
planned + glance = plance
I was pretty sure that sexy senior was looking at me, but i didn't want to just stare if he wasn't, i had to plance around a bit.

I saw her walking up and in my head i was already getting ready to plance.
by Emmerz is Awesome October 30, 2008
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to play around while dancing, not exactly showing one's true dancing skills. Usually to music that has well defined beats. Play + Dance = Plance.
Boy: Hey, do you wanna plance with me?
Girl: Haha, sure.
by Damnyouarecool July 04, 2006

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