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to be tricked by a female (more commonly on the internet), where a verbal agreement for an exchange of something is made and she takes said object from you and leaves without providing her half of the bargain. The object agreed on maybe any number of things even admitting feelings. It can range from online currency or a picture.

Guy: hey we have been talking for hours,would u like to exchange pictures?
Girl: sure, let me send u one.
Guy: Ok I have one right here I will send it ok.
Girl: Oh wow you look cute. Very handsome.
Guy: wow thnx ok let me see yours.
Girl: oh im sorry i gtg .
Guy: wait send me the pic first!
Girl has just went offline
Guy: -.- I just got pixied.

Example 2:
Gamerboy1: Its been nice questing with u , i will add u as a friend so we can play later.
Videogirl: Hey do u have any mana potions i can buy?
Gamerboy1: Sure here u go , that will be 2gold.
Videogirl: Im sorry i gtg bye.
Gamerboy1 has just been pixied.
by HeroQQ February 25, 2010

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