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7 definitions by Buddy-Rey

Noun. General Educational Development. The GED is an educational certificate awarded in the United States and Canada which certifies that the recipient has met the minimum requirements necessary to graduate high school. Some members of the academic elite enjoy ridiculing the test and its alleged lack of significance or ease of completion, despite the fact that 30% of graduating high school seniors fail it each year.

Reasons for dropping out of high school and later pursuing the GED are diverse and include family problems, military service and economic conditions which force willing students to take full-time jobs. Thus, any stereotyping or derisive attitude toward those pursuing their GED's seems to come from a lack of compassion, or from pure, pompous arrogance.

Despite the belief that GED students are under-achievers or that they do not wish to pursue a higher education, the simple fact that they have chosen to study for their GED renders this argument highly spurious. In addition, many of those who receive the certificate go on to college/university and enjoy successful, illustrious careers.

Among the most famous recipients of the GED are U.S. Senators Ben Nighthorse Campbell and Paull Shin, Governors Jim Florio and Ruth Ann Minner, Surgeon General Richard Carmona, and highly revered ABC broadcast journalist Peter Jennings.
1. "There is no reason to look down on those who are going after a second chance and getting their GED."
by Buddy-Rey September 27, 2006
At one time a deep, earthy, and universally respected genre of folk music embraced by people from all walks of life, and performed by heartland poets who wrote touching melodies and thought-provoking but subtle messages about life, love, and loss, country music has now grown into a dim shadow of its former greatness.

Record companies have appropriated it for their own profit as they will with any great artistic movement. Insipid, voiceless dandies with the depth of wading pools have been propped up as the new "idols." Irresponsible and uninformed political rhetoric has usurped the lyrical foreground, alienating many fans and completely betraying the music's original status as art for the everyman, while mediocrity and uniformity sum up the musical direction.

If we can ever be blessed again by another visionary, a Williams Sr., a Cash, a Cline, or a Miller, maybe things will change. But for now, country music remains a brutally raped and distorted picture of art stolen from the artists.
You call that country music? Toby Keith is nothing more than an obnoxious, pre-packaged pretty-boy masquarading as a country artist! Shut that crap off and play me some Johnny Cash!!!
by Buddy-Rey September 01, 2006
Noun. The way Canada SHOULD logically be spelled, if its reisdents are to be referred to as "Canadians". If "Canada" is the correct nomenclature, why are its residents referred to as "Canadians" and not "Canadans"? And, if we are to appropriate this linguistic protocol and apply it across the board, then why don't we Americans call ourselves "AM-mo-RICK-ians"? Besides, "Canadia" just sounds better, and lives up to the peaceful, majestic, and Utopian persona that it has taken on in the eyes of us Amorickians ever since our country got taken over by blustering, right-wing Imperialists. C'mon, "Nation Soon to be Formerly Known as Canada". Make it official. We all know you want to!
"Had there been proper medical procedures to correct severe cataracts in 1545, French explorer Jacques Cartier may not have missed the "i" in "Canadia" while transcribing his travelogue entries for posterity, and the grievous cosmic imbalance which ensues to this day may have been completely averted."
by Buddy-Rey August 28, 2006
It's very apparent to me that those who lambast Eazy-E don't have much of a grasp on Hiphop history. Some here have stated that Eazy would have been nothing without Dr. Dre, but in fact, quite the opposite is true. In 1986 before the pair met, Dre had never even dabbled in the Hiphop genre. His sole claim to fame at this time was that he had engineered the beats for the World Class Wreckin' Cru, an electro/soft R&B group.

Then Eazy-E, a former drug dealer who wanted to break into the music biz, recruited Dre (as well as the Cru's DJ Yella) for a rap collective that he was putting together. This group became known as NWA, and the rest is history. Ostensibly, Dre never would have entered the rap game OR the Hiphop producing game, had Eazy not seen the talent and potential in him. FYI: Eazy's gift for spotting emerging talent led to his discovery of such groups as Bone Thugs N Harmony, Above the Law, and the Black Eyed Peas (who were more than pop-rapping sellouts at the time).

In conclusion, I hope that those who eschew the legacy of Eazy-E will note the fact that Dr. Dre's career was the product of not only Dre's talent, but of Eazy's ability to recognize and promote that talent. Eazy was Dre's mentor, and the respect or admiration of one does not necessarily require a dismissal or feelings of animosity toward the other. The pair eventually made peace, though it certainly could have taken place under happier circumstances. The lives and music of both men will live on long after the epitaphs on their tombstones have weathered away.
"Rest in peace, Eazy E"
by Buddy-Rey February 17, 2006
This isn't a very neutral or encyclopedic summation of the Pixies or their influence, but it's hard to write objectively about this band, perhaps one of the greatest alt. rock outfits ever to grace a stage, before the genre became just another mass-market joke.

Their music captivated not only what remains a fiercely loyal fan base, but a generation of musicians who sought to keep the flame alive when infighting drove the band to split in 1992. Perhaps the bar had been raised too high, because none of their successors, even those who achieved far more mainstream recognition, could quite match the quirky, catchy, enigmatic presence which still exists in those 15+ year-old recordings.

Thankfully, the Pixies are alive and well today after reuniting in 2004, though Frank Black was recently quoted as having disavowed any plans to ever record again with the group.
1. From the first time I heard "Monkey Gone to Heaven", the Pixies became my favorite band.

2. Alex from "A Clockwork Orange" might say that the Pixies' music is "gorgeousness and gorgeosity made flesh."
by Buddy-Rey July 27, 2006
Verb phrase: To involve oneself in a physical altercation, to lose one's cool, or to fly off the handle. A common fixture of urban or "gangsta" vernacular. Recently popularized by a homophobic, black-clad drug-dealing NPC/pedestrian in the controversial PS2 game "Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas."
"Yo, I'm fidd'nduh nut up in a minute!!!"
by Buddy-Rey November 07, 2005
Adjective for something that is wicked cool, the pinnacle of being in charge, on a roll, or generally impressive. Carries a certain intrinsic Jazz Age or Beatnik vibe to it, but is easily suited to Extreme Sports, Hiphop, or Punk sub-cultures as well. Can be used as a noun as well, and in the noun form, should be capitalized.
Adj: "I loved that group's last album, but their newest one just isn't quite dracula."

Noun: "Your sax solo was red-hot! You were Dracula out there, man!"
by Buddy-Rey November 07, 2005