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1. The act of inviting Pitbull to remix a shitty song, and make it a shitty song for clubs.

2. To make a song catchy with a catchy beat and hook and terrible lyrics mixed with a bunch of random spanish words for a catchier effect.
‎"Yeah right picture that with a kodak, and better yet, go to Times Square, take a picture of me with a kodak" (8)

"Wow, this guy is such a great singer, I gotta dance to this." - Drunk retarded friend at the club

"I can't really say if either Pitbull is a cheap musical act exploited by the music industry to only rap or sing about petty and trivial things or this "Pitbullizing" of pop music is just a genius idea that has created by Pitbull and other musical acts, knowing it would be a hit." - The drunk guy's less drunk, slightly Hipster friend.
by I <3 Hate August 05, 2011

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