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A so called Cuban-American "rapper" and reggaetonero who is responsible for degrading today's modern music with his trashy, raunchy, lusty, and "below the waist" antics and lyrics. Like any type of virus, he somehow, someway attaches himself to almost every single Real artist's music tracks and gets featured alongside them, and pretty much destroys their original music just by being featured in it. Anything he touches pretty much just withers up and dies.
Tracie: Hey what's up Amigo? (gets into my car) How'd you like that new song by Enrique Iglesias featuring Pitbull?

Me: HELL NO!!! I ain't into any type of music with pitbull being featured in it. Enrique is alright though, but I just can't stand it when pitbull appears in his songs with that stupid yell he's known for doing.

Tracie: Why Not?? Pitbull is a very popular rapper right now.

Me: Rapper??!!! You call that Rap??? I'll show you some Rap. (I pull out my original 2pac CD, and put it in my car stereo, and Tracie begins to listen) Now that's what I call Rap!!

Tracie: Your so antique!!

Me: No!! I'm Old-School!! And I know what music is. Pitbull don't know crap about music. He's about as talented as a rock, and he NEVER will have anything on Pac, may his soul rest in peace.
by Xclibur2001 January 02, 2012
To tell someone to get away or to leave, usually in an unfriendly way.
Beatrice: Jim, I want to talk to you. I haven't seen you in a while. How have you been???
Jim: Well, I don't really want to talk to you Beatrice. You dumped me and left me for dead in the park with a broken heart, you know; and thanks to that, I'm seeing someone else now. Be Gone!!
Beatrice: Jim, no wait.....I really want to see you again, I'm sorry about everything.
Jim: Too late Beatrice!! You had your chance, and you screwed it up!!
Beatrice: JIM!!! (screaming)
Jim: Do you not understand English??? "Be Gone" means get away, now leave me alone. I'm on my way to see my new girlfriend now.
by Xclibur2001 February 25, 2012

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