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A grudge or grievence against a person or persons generated within a mosh pit.

Pit Beef is created mostly during hardcore/punk and/or metal shows, where moshing and dancing turns more into an angst driven argument or fight. Much like when dogs play with eachother and it appears as if they are fighting, so is the Mosh Pit. Encompassed within The Pit, sometimes moshing and dancing can generate Pit Beef with others, causing problems and kids "starting" with eachother.
Me and Brophy have Pit Beef. Last show he windmilled right into my sister.

I thought I had Pit Beef with that kid Potty, but then after the show he was buyin me beers.
by PeteNutz October 27, 2006
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The name for the pooch of skin that women get between their armpit and boob.
I love this dress, but I hate that my pit beef is showing.
by Titsmcgee79 December 01, 2016
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1) "Pit Beef" is a slang term commonly used to describe underground Hardcore and/or Death Metal Bands.

When bands have been touring for a while, there are usually periods of time when the band's members haven't taken showers or washed their clothes.

This stage is called "Pit Beef".

2) "Pit Beef" is also a term used to describe a mosh-pit that is occupied by a large number of sweaty and smelly male dancers.
1) "Did you see The Partisan Turbine play at Soma last Friday?"
"Yeah I did, they were pretty sick, but that band has some serious Pit Beef!"


2) "Did you see how crazy that pit was?!"
"Yeah, it was intense! Too bad it was all Pit Beef!"
by Jhona August 28, 2007
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