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An individual who is by general concensus deemed to be small, insignificant, or without purpose, coupled with an insatiable desire to annoy, irritate or cause displeasure to all those around them.
"That dork in bio wouldn't shut up about his petrie dishes. No one cares you stupid pissworm."
"Children; what a bunch of ungrateful little pissworms."
"Eat shit and die, pissworm."
by AssTal November 15, 2009
A term defining a certain human who is interlectually slow and wriggles instead of uses his feet to walk
Me : Hey Piss Worm

Jye Taylor : Yooo WhUtZ Up BaBeH?
by brandonwaluew July 20, 2010
a very small very skinny penis
dude tht kid has a pissworm
by Jack Mehauf January 13, 2006
SEE: pissant
also: 3 guys in a driver ed van
shut the fuck up you little pissworm.
by RiotCase August 14, 2003
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