when a person is involved in a relationship
Damn, I'd wanna hook up with him, but he's pissed on.
by chola_47 November 14, 2003
Top Definition
Adjective:The feeling that is worse than being pissed off.If your pissed off your seeing red,if your pissed on everyone in the room is already dead including the EMT's
police,Marines and small animals that happened to be in the room.
Jim:Did you here about that 500 body count in that foam baseball bat massacre?
Bob:Oh man that guy must have been pretty pissed on!
by Capt.Aggro February 01, 2009
Pants that one continues to wear, day after day, despite repeated urination.

Less frequently, a derogatory phrase referring to Detroit's NBA team.
It was obvious to all at that he was wearing pissed ons.
by chiggley December 02, 2004
The term for when you're pissed off and turned on at the same time
"Man, I'm so angry and horny at the same time!"
"So you're pissed on?"
"Pretty much"
by redandsymmetry July 12, 2016
When a girl writes something on your facebook wall in a clear attempt to "mark her territory" in order to "claim" the man who's wall she has written on. If this is unwanted by said man then he has been "pissed on."
"Man I just got pissed on! Three girls are mad at me now because Sophie just wrote about last night on my wall!"
by Dr. Dangerfield November 10, 2009
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