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euphamism for bloody.
reddish in colour.
Where's that ruddy lightbulb? I'm ruddy sick of losing em!
by Profanity personified April 05, 2004
To have stomach pains, gas, or diarrhea.
Man, I think that chicken we ate earlier was spoiled. I'm starting to get the ruddies.
by lgtx January 25, 2008
Someone completely ignorant of historical fact and world affairs.
1 "man did you hear about the super collider in CERN being activated?"

2 " no no man, French commandos blew it up!"

1 "Man your such a ruddy"

rudy rube
by Kingverner June 29, 2011
Meaning a very savage Irish surname!
dude 1 "damn what's that girls surname?"
dude 2 "Ruddy"
both dudes "she's savage"
by maniac321 September 22, 2010
Strong, smart and handsome. A savory and sexy man.
Damn...he ruddy!
by <3cummon November 23, 2011
The act of agressivly pursuing women without throught to the consequences. Often a bribe of sweeties is used to tempt the lady.
"I will ruddy rud that girl and I don't go who knows it"
by rudster January 04, 2010
Teeth that stick out, even if your mouth is closed.
That guy is so "ruddy" he can eat an apple through a picket fence.

"Wow, he is so ruddy, his teeth are throwing gang signs!"
by CMO11 March 05, 2008