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Noun:A badass paratrooper who was fighting in the battle of the bulge.He was awesome.
Soldier one:Hey man do you need a ride?
82'nd airborne soldier:No I'll be fine.
Soldier 2:Are you sure?
82'nd airborne soldier:If you need a place to park you can go behind me.
Tank driver:Who are you?
82'nd airborne soldier:I'm the 82'nd airborne and this as far as these bastards are going!
by Capt.Aggro February 01, 2009
Adjective:The feeling that is worse than being pissed off.If your pissed off your seeing red,if your pissed on everyone in the room is already dead including the EMT's
police,Marines and small animals that happened to be in the room.
Jim:Did you here about that 500 body count in that foam baseball bat massacre?
Bob:Oh man that guy must have been pretty pissed on!
by Capt.Aggro February 01, 2009
Verb:To get your Steam,World of Warcraft,Runescape,Myspace,Facebook or even email hijacked by giving a password away during chatting or even in an email
Jim:Dude,Bob,I'm telling you!Gabe Newell stole my steam account!
Bob:Dude,I doubt Gabe Newell would steal your two game account.
Steve:You just got lamed,man!
by Capt.Aggro February 01, 2009
Verb:To completely own someone in an online game such as Day of Defeat or Counter-Strike
Lt.Dan:I has pazsershrex i is gun kill youz
Capt.Aggro:oh yeah well I have a Piat! AGGRO TIME
Major Flatulence:Oh man Aggro just defined Gay on Dan
by Capt.Aggro January 31, 2009

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