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The Author and Main Character of Megatokyo
by Jason M. October 07, 2003
A hairy Albanian who goes to 7-11 and breakfast by himself to get a coffee and flying toast. He also gives rusty trombones to innocent bystanders.
"Hey Piro...long time no see..." *puff*
by I.C. Weinar April 20, 2009
The MF that in the .hack games
Piros-"He of Fair Eyes let join in advanture." *shoot Piros*
by Jason M. October 07, 2003
a guy who reads a lot of manga and plays a lot of dating sims. Speaks Japanese fluently but he sounds like a 15 year old school girl when he does.
Piro: I wish my life was like a Sojo Manga
by unominus December 18, 2004
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