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Pretty as a birdy.
Like all things Pirdy, she was pretty as a birdy!
by providermel July 15, 2009

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Alternate definition. 1. A guy with feathery blonde hair, who enjoys long walks on the beach with big, sweaty, hairy gay bikers. Who also is a closet Jeff Gordon fan! 2. A guy who also would like to go shrimpin' on Jeff Gordon. 3. Enjoys feltching on a regular basis, and also wishes to one day be like his idol, Tom Brady!
You are such a Pirdy!
by Crebmonsta April 14, 2005
One who is awesome. The supreme being. One who is more than perfect. A sexy man, one who all women adore. ONe with very large penis.
Your so Pirdy. I want to to be like Pirdy. Pirdy is a hero.
by Jason April 13, 2005