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What "ppl" looks like to educated people.
"All thos ppl over dere r kewwwl" = "All thos pipple over deer err cuuuule."
by asdfhrhj4y3785ygbvf August 23, 2006
Someone with bad/horrible/ or just plain ugly acne. Almost like cripple, but this person has acne
Ewww... look at that ginger. He's a pipple
by AlldayEurryday. October 03, 2009
What it sounds like to your best friend on the phone when you say "Pitbull" really fast.

Also known as those cute stuffed creatures you can find when you type Pipple on google images. They even have an official website.
(over the phone) Hey man, did you hear Pitbull's new song?
(friend) Who's Pipple?!
by georgeclooneylover July 27, 2010
Noun: A derogatory, sometimes construed as offensive, term for a person, nearly always descending from poland, who has a tendency to short change people, cut in line or make competitive business for longer man-hours at a lower rate
Jack: That Polish bus driver only gave me half of my change

Matthew: He gave me an Isle of Man fifty pence piece, bloody pipples!
by Scotney April 03, 2011
When a man wears his pants (normally Dad jeans) pulled up to his nipples and belted there
Wow, that guy is really working his pipples today
by Branda McHurley May 20, 2008
A pimple grossly located at or on the nipple of a woman.
"Man, last night i was about to start sucking up on her nips and saw a huge ass pipple"
by Jeremy October 10, 2003

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