The cutest wummiest yummiest sweetest sexiest most lovable cutie pie that ever one laid eyes on...
Pinky herself
by Elmo March 30, 2004
A game which is played in the shower between partners. The rules of the game are as follows; to begin, both players reach around their partners rear ends and puts their pinkie on the edge of their partner's sphincter. A countdown is performed, and then both players slowly start sliding their pinkies into the other players' asshole. The first person to stop the other person loses.
Dude 1: Yo man I was playing pinkies with your sister earlier and I got shit all over my fingers!

Dude 2: WTF man not cool.
by m3690 June 10, 2011
Another name used for a £50 note. This is due to the colour of the note. Known to be used in certain areas of London, particularly South London.
In a sentence ' I've got a Pinky' Meaning in other words 'I have a fifty pound note'.
by christelle28 November 26, 2010
A cracker-ass cracker!
Hey, check out Pinky over there, that pasty cracka sure is salty!
by bob-builder July 29, 2010
two in the pinky one in the stinky
by stfu November 08, 2003
slang for pinky promise

I pinky I won't tell anyone.
by neeny November 27, 2006
money, dough, p's, cash, dollars etc.
a pinky is a fifty pound note
by klinkinstales May 26, 2006

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