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Pinkerton Academy (also reffered to as Pinkerton and PA) is school in the ghetto of Derry, New Hamphire. The school is primarily outside, which is both good and bad.

There are three towns that attend Pinkerton Academy. They are known as the Derry Druggies and the Hampstead Hicks. Then there is the town of Chester, but no one actually has ever met a chester kid, since there are only about 10 of them in the entire school's population (which is over 3,000). Most kids are from Derry.

A typical day at school is at least 50 fights, a bomb threat or two, and at least 10 kids being almost pushed down from the top floor of the science building when leaning over the railling. And a sighting of at least 100 kids doing soemthing ovbiously not school apropriate.

Freshman are not liked by the rest of the school. They are constantly puched around. Because of this, in 2009, a new "Freshman Academy" part of Pinkerton will be opened. Which everyone thinks is very dumb.

There are many separate buildings on the campus of Pinkerton. It takes 7 minutes to walk from class to class. Most people will not be in the same building for more than one class.
"Hey, did you see those two girls fighting outside of the Shepard Building at Pinkerton Academy this morning?"
"No, but I saw some near the science building, the English building, the chapel, the portables, the vocational building, the social studies wing, and the library."
"That's all?"
by Elizabeth--- February 07, 2008
Pinkerton Academy is a highschool in southern NH. It consits of 3 towns. Derry, Hampstead, and Chester. The campus is mostly ouside, and contains more than 18 buildings. If paying close attention to your fellow classmates, imbetween classes its very easy to see a drug deal, or hearing about students making a drug deal. Even half of the teachers at PA have been accused of smoking pot. the school consists over 3,000 students, and has no intentions of slowing down. the sports teams at PA mostly dominate all other schools.( mostly boy lax, football, hockey, softball, and volley ball.)
Mike. " Hey did you hear about what they were doing to stop all the drugs at "Pinkerton Academy"?"
Brett. " No, what are they doing?"
Mike. " ... Same as they've always done, nothing at all."
by MIKE D..... January 05, 2010
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