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A Pinja is a person who has the best of both worlds, such that they are squeaky clean and stealthy like a Ninja, but are also flashily dressed and able to drink a lot like a Pirate.

Pinjas do not inhibit the bad traits of either of these such as being eaten by a Kracken or being shot by a gun ... thus, they are both better and superior to both Pirates and Ninjas.
Jim: That guy just shot me and stabbed me with his sword at the same time. His breath smelled like rum, it must have been a pinja.
Ben: A pinja? you mean a pirate and a ninja crossed? but the best of both?
Jim: Exactly. Lets go to some strikeouts.
Ben: word
by onemoretime009 and Boshimi336 December 07, 2006
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An awesome DJ Duo consisting of DJ Peak who mixes and Miss Mirror who works the effects.

The group formed in Buffalo, NY, wearing their signature funky costumes. They work with many types of EDM such as Progressive House, Dutch house, Dubsteb, and top 40's.

A Fantastic Act if you can catch them at a club or event!
PINJA can get any crowd dancing
by FANtastic June 24, 2012
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Cross between Pirate and Ninja... aka AWESOME
Man that was a Pinja move.... Nice
by Rancid321 July 24, 2009
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1.A pirate who practices the art of the ninja. Has the characteristics of a pirate; the abilities of a ninja.
2. One who kicks ass.
Holy shit! That pinja just totally cut that guys head off! Kick ass!
by Peter July 31, 2003
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1. an abomination that occours when an idiot tries to be cool.
2. Combining all of the negative qualities of ninja and pirate when in all
3. wishy washy bitches who should do themselves a favor and cease their sinful existence.
1. pinjas fail at life.
2. ninja and pirate should never ever breed
3. these poseursare foolish enough to belive that they are actually cool
by popcultureicon March 20, 2005
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A slang name for an Indian dish with rice and meats.
Once you have pinja, nothing will ever taste the same.
by Jon Thomas September 29, 2005
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a non-commital decision in the eternal ninja-pirate battle. also, someone who claims to be a ninja, but is extremely loud.
guy 1: "are you a pirate or a ninja?"
guy 2: "neither, im a pinja!"
guy 1: "you need to be shot."
by v. valentine 2311 March 08, 2008
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